Siata ST402BC


A very early and perfectly preserved Siata model, that is till racing in historical events. See below for more info.

  • Blue Livery
  • Crosley-Powered
  • Year Model 1952
  • Bertone Bodywork


The information about this car has been given to us, directly by its current owner, Marty Stein. If you are interested in learning more about the cars that Marty owned and still currently races, check out the links section.


I don’t recall the exact order but as far as I can recall the first outing was Allentown (Convair Trophy races) in 1952. I don’t recall where the car finished (..). It then appeared at Thompson in August of 52 and finished second or third in class. From there it went to Watkins Glen and completed the last race run on the original street course (a kid was killed in the following feature race and the races were stopped). The next year they were on a different course and NY then banned all street races and the track was built. I did several high speed “touring” laps on the original course some years ago (..).

The biggest “success” was the next Spring at Sebring where the car did 127 laps and finished 3rd in class, 20th overall, and 8th on index, after being driven down from Pennsylvania. It was co-driven by Henry Wessels (who owned ST 403 BC). It’s final “in period” race was Bridgehampton (..).

The car may have gone to Europe with Scatchard and been street driven there. I have some evidence of that with parts I got with the car.

As to ownership trail, Otto Linton thought Aucott never owned it but I have some proof he did. The rest of the trail is listed in the blog piece. When Chris Leydon got it he was going to restore it but never worked on it. The rest of that story is in the blog piece.

I have original documentation of the car for all its race history except the 1953 and 1954 Sebring programs (I have a copy of the 53 one graciously supplied by the Glen research librarian). This includes magazines and books as well as original photographs at Sebring and the Glen and a video at the Glen which is available from an online site.

It has been continuously vintage raced by me since the mid 1980s including over 20 appearances at the Monterey Historic August races, the Wine Country Sonoma races, Buchanan Field, other Laguna and Sears Point races, Thunderhilll, The Glen, Mosport, And Lime Rock. It has been selected for Sonoma street display, also at the Glen in town, Pebble Beach, etc. It has won group and individual awards at Monterey, Sonoma, Laguna by HMSA and the Swig family."

- Marty Stein.

Ownership History

Owner Name and location Timeline and details
Sold new by Speedcraft Enterprises (Otto Linton) June 1 1952
Otto Linton’s records show April 8, 1952 as the delivery date to Scatchard.
Tom Scatchard (PA) 1952 - ?
Otto Linton indicated that Tom Scatchard took the car to England for a few years, modified it, and traded it in when he returned.
Eugene Aucott (PA) 1974
Chris Leydon (PA) 1974
Ernie Mendicki (CA) 1974
Michael Cotsworth (CA) 1980 - 1981
Richard Peterson (CA) 1981 - 1983
Marti Stein 1983 - Current


Race Driver Racing number Result
Convair Trophy
Allentown, August 3rd 1952
Tom Scatchard #63 5th in Class
SCCA National Thompson
Thompson, August 17th 1952
Tom Scatchard #45 1st in Class
Watkins Glen Grand Prix
Watkins Glen, September 20th 1952
Tom Scatchard #52 25th in Class
Sebring 12 hours
Sebring, March 8th 1953
Tom Scatchard #56 1st in Class
SCCA National Bridgehampton
Brindgehampton, May 23rd 1953
Tom Scatchard #57 DNS
Floyd Bennet Cup
Floyd Bennet, August 29th 1953
Tom Scatchard #56 DNS


Auction Date Price
No Auction for this car

Racing Liveries

Image Unknown


No videos identified for this car.

Interesting Links

The Blog of Marty Stein: Great info on the car and its restoration.

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