Siata ST443BC


Not a lot of information or documentation about this car, a convertible bodied by moto fitted with a roadster windshield and air vents on the hood. Since then it has recently re-appreaed in a white livery and with its original convertible windscreen and a body wrap.

  • White
  • Fiat
  • Year Model 1954
  • Motto Bodywork


No history for this car, apart from a list of owners.

Ownership History

Owner Name and location Timeline and details
Esther S. Hollister, Huntington, NY USA 195! - 1958
Wesley D. Eastman, Attica, NY, USA 1958 - 1988
Bill Bohlander, USA 1988 - 1989
Elis Hubbard, USA 1989 - Current


Race Driver Racing number Result
No Racing history recorded for this car N/A N/A N/A


Auction Date Price
No Auction for this car

Racing Liveries

Image Image Image Current


Iowa City 1955


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