Siata ST431BC


ST*431*BC is a very special car that stayed in Italy and whose body work has been considerably modified. The car has a recent racing history with multiple participation in the recent Mille Miglia Races.

  • Red
  • Fiat 1100
  • Year Model 1953
  • Bertone Bodywork


The first four italian owners apparently have not raced the car, but the fifth owner may have been Mrs. Roberto Scala, a well-known figure in Torino-centric racing of the 1940's and 1950's. Aldo Bersano was perhaps acting as a dealer or just had a brief taste? The modifications to the car seem characteristic of the 1960's or perhaps even the 1970's, but we do not have any information as, who and when they were performed.  Recent owners have taken the car numerous times at the Mille Miglia and other racing events in Italy.

Ownership History

Owner Name and location Timeline and details
Mario Berio, Torino, Italy 1953 - 1956
Mario Chiarglione, Torino, Italy March 1956 - December 1956
Giorgio Querelante, Torino, Italy December 1956 - May 1958
Constantino Morello, Torino, Italy May, 1958 - May 1959
Marianna Gianara Scala, Ivera, Italy (Married to Roberto ?) May 1959 - May 1960
Aldo Bersano, Torino, Italy May 1960 - July 1960
Mario Sala, Torino, Italy July 1960 - July 1960
Francesco Sala, Torino, Italy July 1960 - September 1960
S.P.A Fiat Filiale di Torino, Torino, Italy September 1960 - Octobre 1960
Franco Tibaldo, Verona, Italy Octobre 1960 - January 1961
Corrado Zanotelli, Trento, Italy January 1961 - May 1961
Primo Colombo, Rovereto, Italy May 1961 - April 1962
Marco Nonato, Italy ?? - 1992
Alessandro Galli, Italy 2000 ?? - Current


Race Driver Racing number Result
No Racing history recorded for this car N/A N/A N/A

Contemporary Racing

Years Events Driver
1989 Mille Miglia Marco Nonato, I
1990 Mille Miglia Marco Nonato, I
1991 Mille Miglia Marco Nonato, I
1992 Mille Miglia Marco Nonato, I
2000 Mille Miglia Alessandro Galli, I
2003 Mille Miglia Alessandro Galli, I
2004 Mille Miglia Alessandro Galli, I
2008 Mille Miglia Alessandro Galli, I


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