Siata ST430BC


This car is the Chuck Stoddard "Tweety Bird" Racing Team car. "Chuck" was fairly successful racing with this Siata.

  • Red / Black
  • Crosley-Powered
  • Year Model 1954
  • Motto Bodywork


This is a well known Siata. It was first bought and raced by Donald Rose, at that time the car is believed to be red and white, but it already had the Tweety Bird logo on. It is unclear if Chuck Stoddard bought the car from Rose or from Tony Pompeo. Here is how Carl Goodwin presents it in his book They started in MGs" : "In his senior year of college he raced (a MG-TD) several times at Thompson Raceway in Connecticut. He liked it, but it wasn't quite the car he wanted, so in 1956 he got a Siata, a racing car, from a distributor in New York named Tony Pompeo. This was a lightweight machine, with no engine, that Chuck finished off with a tuned Crosley Engine and a set of stewart Warner gauges.
The little black car was decorated with a Tweety Bird Cartoon and successfully raced at Put-in-Bay and Akron Airport sports car races. He drove to a first in H-Modified at the 'Bay in both '56 and '57.
Then Chuck became a car dealer and his carline did not include Siata, so he began racing Alfa Romeo, which is what he sold - a light blue Giulietta Spider'"

After its racing days in the 50's the car went through several ownerships and was raced in bit until the late 90's.
The car is now in the customdy of famous car collector Howard Banaszak who took it to complete arestoration to its "Chuck Stoddard Days", the car has been exhibited at Amelia Island 2017 and recently in the Hilton Heads Concours.

Ownership History

Owner Name and location Timeline and details
Donald Rose (KS) Circa end of 1953 to 1956
Chuck Stoddard (OH) 1956 - 1957
Alvador Grange (OH) After 1957 - ??
Merle Goodman (OH) ?? - ??
George Sterner (PA) ?? - ??
Dick Zahn (NJ) ?? - 1977
Bob Romanansky (NJ) 1977 - 1986
David Ongaro (NJ) ??- ??
Bob Russell (MA) ?? - ??
Harvey Siegel (NY) ?? - ??
Michael Jacobs (NY) ?? - 1995
Howard Banaszak (FL) 09/1995 - current


Race Driver Racing number Result
SCCA Sowega International Turner, Albany GA
October 25th1953
Donald Rose 34 DNS
SCAA National Bergstrom, Austin TX
March 28th 1954
Donald Rose 21 3rd in class
SCCA Regional Iowa, Iowa City IA
May 2nd 1954
Donald Rose 28 17th
SCCA National Chanute, Chanute IL
June 6th 1954
Donald Rose 43 N/A
Putin Bay Races, Put in bay OH
June 9th 1956
Chuck Stoddard 28 1st
Akron Airport Races, Akron OH
July 1st 1956
Chuck Stoddard 28 N/A
Watkins Glen Grand Prix, Watkins Glen NY
September 15th 1956
Chuck Stoddard 128 12th
Harewood Acres, Harewood Acres Canada
September 29th 1956
Chuck Stoddard 46 DNS
Kentucky Derby Festival, Kentucky State Fairground, Louisville KT
May 4th 1957
Chuck Stoddard 28 N/A
1 h Dunkirk, Dunkirk NY
June 2nd 1957
Chuck Stoddard 36 1st in Class
Putin Bay Races, Put in bay OH
June 8th 1957
Chuck Stoddard 1 1st
SCCA National Road America,
Elkhart Lake's WI
June 23rd 1957
Chuck Stoddard 1 N/A
Akron Airport Races, Akron OH
September 1st 1957
Chuck Stoddard 91 N/A


Auction Date Price
No Auction for this car

Racing Liveries

Image Donald Rose - Bergstrom - 1954
Image Chuck Stoddard - Put-in-Bay - 1956
Image Chuck Stoddard - Put-in-Bay - 1957
Image Chuck Stoddard - Dunkirk - 1957
Image Chuck Stoddard - Akron - 1957


Video of the car before its current restoration


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