Siata ST421BC


We have little information on this car as far as its history goes. We know it raced in Cumberland in 1956 but it is unclear with whom

  • Red Livery
  • Crosley-Powered
  • Year Model 1953
  • Bertone Bodywork


ST*421*BC was a Crosley-powered car historically. As with most of the first thirty examples, the Crosley engine was fitted in the USA, probably for the first owner.
When found, the car had a dash plaque that implied that the car had raced 1956 at Cumberland. We do not know which of the three unidentified Hm Siata participants it probably was. Several unidentified Siata 300BC cars were entered (not just Hm) and there is a photo existing of at least one car that does not appear in the entry list. The known Hm possibilities are: J. Cochran (in his only race found to date), Herman Flynn and J.C. Mueller. This latter car was almost certainly rolled later on and used as a parts-source for a "Ferret" Hm special so it should not exist today as "Siata". Then there is a white(?) car with a race number ending "24" that does not appear in the entry list. There could be other non-entry-list possibilities as well. I could guess that Cochran seems "most likely" since he was not an active racer after this one "novice" race event ... and no other parti-plaques were on the car when it was discovered.
All the other known Siata entrants raced multiple times after this date. Cochran is only a vague guess as to possible 1950's history for ST*421*BC.

- John de Boer

Ownership History

Owner Name and location Timeline and details
Wilcox Motors - Buffalo, NY, USA circa 1959
Bob Butler – NH, USA Circa 1981
Paolo Panichi ????
Giulio Bensi (I) 2004
Christophe Pund (F) ??? - 2019
Bruno Courtine (F) since 2019


Race Driver Racing number Result
May 20th 1956
?? ,, N/A

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