Siata ST419BC


A special car, as it was, in its early history, fitted with a Jowett Jupiter Engine.

  • Red Livery
  • Crosley-Powered
  • Year Model 1953
  • Bertone Bodywork


This car is the only one recorded to have been equipped with a Jowett-Jupiter engine. Although we are not sure there were no other cars equipped with a similar engine, ST*419*BC is the only we can certify.
This is a west Coast car, probably sold through Ernie Mc Afee, as the car was raced in its early history in Palm Springs and Torrey Pines (1954).
Then still on the west coast it was transformed for a more "street-legal" usage, with front fenders. It was advertised for sale back in
Recently the car has competed in the Mille Miglia in 2007 and in the revival "Le mitiche Sport a Bassano"

Ownership History

Owner Name and location Timeline and details
Jerry Worth, CA, USA circa 1953 - 1954
Paul Stiles, CA, USA Circa 1954
Dan LeMay, CA, USA Circa 1961
Jim Proffitt - CA, USA ????
Tom Edmunds - CA, USA ????
Jim Proffitt - CA, USA ????
Gary Thieltges - CA, USA ????
Glen Sipe - TN, USA ????
Ugo Piccagli – TX, USA ????


Race Driver Racing number Result
First Open Willow Springs Road Race
May 9th 1954
Jerry Worth 62 N/A
Torrey Pines
July 4th 1954
Paul Steil 97 N/A
Main Palm Springs
October 17th 1954
Paul Steil 55 N/A
Torrey Pines
November 28th 1954
Jerry Worth 130 N/A


Auction Date Price
No Auction recorded for this car

Racing Liveries

Image Palm SPrings 1953 - Jerry Worth ?
Image Torrey Pines 1954 - Paul Stiles
Image Palm Springs 1954 - Paul Stiles
Image As advertised for sale in 1961
Image Current


Video of the car racing in Palm SPrings in 1954

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