Siata ST417BC


The first coupe for this Model. It was build and used in Italy.

  • Bare Aluminum / Red & Black Liveries
  • Fiat-Powered
  • Year Model 1952
  • Bertone Bodywork


Very special car, as it is the first coupe of the series. It is also interesting to know that the coupe are all different and have probably been build or adapted by different coachbuilders. This one was built in Italy and has stayed there ever since. It was raced twice in the Mille Miglia Races in 1952 and 1953 We can safely assume that the car is equipped with a Fiat 1100 engine. We believe the car to still be in Italy eventhough it hasn't surfaced in a long time.

Ownership History

Owner Name and location Timeline and details
Paolo Butti – Torino (I) 1952
Gianfranco Ge fu Mario - Novara (I) 1952 - 1953
Emilio Colombo fu Luigi - Sacconago (VA) - (I) 1953 - 1954
Gianfranco Ge fu Mario - Novara (I) 1954 - 1955
Guido Fossati fu Ercole e Mario Moia fu Giovanni – Novara 1955 - 1957
Angelo Perego fu Martino – Monza 1957 - 1957
Costantino Galli fu Giuseppe – Milano 1957 - 1964
Luciano 1964 - ???


Race Driver Racing number Result
Mille Miglia
May 4th 1952
Butti P./ Loos H #2352 240th overall / 13th in category
Mille Miglia
April 26th 1953
Ge Gianfranco / Zanforlin #2200 159th overall / 10th in Category


Auction Date Price
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Racing Liveries

Image Mille Miglia 1952
Image Mille Miglia 1953


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